How do I win a FREE game?

Play to win is a GREAT way for you to have FUN and WIN a game!

The rules are simple and your chances are GOOD!

1.) Check out a Play To Win game in our store.

2.) Play that game in our Backroom Play Area with your family or friends. If no one is waiting for that game,

play it again and again!

3.) Return the game to the front desk and fill our your Play To Win slip and drop it in the designated drop box.


How will I know if I won that game?

Each game will have only 1 winner drawn from the entries. We will post on Facebook the day that winners will be drawn. The winner for each Play to Win game will be posted in the store at the front counter. When you see this post you will need to come back in the store and see if your name was drawn. Winners will have 2 weeks to redeem THEIR game. When you are the LUCKY winner, you will receive the game that you played. The play to win game will be the actually game that you played (not a new one off the shelf), do not let this worry you as the game that you will be playing will be a NEW game that is utilized for the Play To Win, which means that your game really is NEW!



Your Turn Boardgames will determine the minimum amount of times that each Play To Win game is needed to be played before the drawing occures. Some Play To Win games will have a minimum number of players needed to play that specific game. Your Turn Boardgames will also determine the amount of time that a Play To Win game is available. Your Turn Boardgames has the right to pull a game from the Play To Win if they deem it necessary. Don’t worry about any of this as we will make you aware of (1) How many times needs to be played, (2) How many players need to play, (3) How long will this game be available to play and (4) If a game needs to be removed from the Play To Win.


Tell your friends, family, co-workers and come in

and Play To Win a FREE game!!!!